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Social Network Management

We take care of your social networks (Instagram and Facebook), and see which points to focus on to improve your visibility.
  • We will begin to analyze your Social Network profiles and your target audience. This will allow us to immediately have in mind which strategy to use for your Hotel.
  • We will adjust your profiles, both visually and in terms of communication, and set them in the right direction. This process is very important and will allow you to stand out.
  • We will search for the best hashtags to use in your communication. It is a continuous work that has many variables based on the content used, but it will be very useful to improve the visibility of your Hotel.
  • Every content publication needs a precise and studied editorial plan. We will create one suitable for your structure.
  • Your profiles will have a periodic and constant publication of contents. You will always be present on the various platforms and you will keep the interest for your structure alive.

Content Realization

We come directly to your hotel to create constantly updated content, optimized for social networks.

TWH Media will create the content to be published on your social networks.
Periodically we will come to your structure to create quality content specific for your Hotel.

Sponsorship and Visibility

Through our network specialized in Hotels and Resorts, we sponsor and we will give constant visibility to your structure.

We can count on a network that generates an average of 2 million impressions every week, reaching over 900K people.
Our audience predominantly consists of active travelers and Hotels customers.

All the hotels that rely on TWH media are constantly sponsored and advertised through our network increasing users’ visibility and interest.

Data and Analysis

Periodic and personalized reports. Growth monitoring.

We use all the best social media marketing tools to constantly analyze the situation of your profiles, the level of engagement and interest in your brand.

We create periodic and personalized reports, so you can always see the level reached by your Social Networks.

Community and Customer Care

We manage your community, and also set up a professional Social Customer Care for your Hotel.

We know that managing a community is a really expensive job that requires a lot of patience and attention to detail.

We will help you managing the requests of your users, responding to their comments and feeding the debate around your brand. This will increase the level of involvement of your user base.

It will also be very important to coordinate together to create a Social Customer Care through Social Networks, so that you can always be ready to meet the requests of your customers.

Influencers management

We research and manage Influencers specialized in this sector to increase your visibility.

Our team builds and executes strategies where influencers produce and share wonderful contents.
We analyze the audiences of our influencers, ensuring their audiences line up with your target as closely as possible.


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